Focused Searching with Unouit

One of the main features of Unouit is the Search Capability that lets you focus on what you are looking for and not what others want you to find.

The internet originally was a place intended mainly for sharing knowledge. But it has become a place where everybody wants to sell you one thing or another.

This Washington Post article is an interesting showcase how the commerce-driven search industry failed us. Although there is no denying that we ourselves contribute to this with our indifference and complacency.

Unouit wants to give knowledge acquisition the significance it once had and one of the ways we do this is by filtering all the stuff you – as a knowledge worker – are not interested in, when searching the net for valuable insights.

So we prepared a little screencast demonstrating this capability of Unouit. Enjoy!

Screencast of showing Unouit Search Capability

If you find this interesting, head over to and give it a try.